sphyg (sphyg) wrote in livechiark,

Checking SAUCE logs

Stupid question, but how do I check SAUCE logs for rejected mail?
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There's a saucecheck program lying around in lots of chiark home directories, e.g. ~cjwatson/bin/saucecheck; I have a vague memory that ewx wrote it but I don't see it in his home directory. Standard practice seems to be to copy it into your home directory and fiddle with it as needed. It'll only tell you about addresses it hasn't seen before; read the header comment.

You can also look through /var/log/sauce/reject.log* for more detail on why mails were rejected.
Actually it looks like mobbsy may have written saucecheck and ewx wrote the more complex sauce-analyze. Indeed you have a copy of the latter in your home directory already. :-)