Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote in livechiark,
Eleanor Blair


I'm not managing to connect to chiark this morning. It's responding to ping, but I get "connection closed by host" on all ssh attempts. Fingering chiark@status.chiark.greenend.org.uk gets connection refused.

Anyone know what's up? I'll see if anyone is on irc on rapun :)

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09:26 < lnr> is a) anyone up and b) anyone aware why I can't ssh to chiark?
09:30 < enchafry> yes and i don't know, i can't either
The status finger service has been down for a while, as I think I observed in chiark.service the other day.
Yeah, I vaguely remembered, but couldn't go look up that conversation and see if there was an alternative suggested :)
There was discussion, but it was inconclusive. I'm sure that, had sysadmin set anything up, it'd have been properly announced.


May 2 2010, 08:47:23 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  May 2 2010, 08:47:43 UTC

It must have gone down at some point between 04:42 and 08:42. I have a cron job on my home server which runs every four hours, and the only complaint-mail it has generated (so far) is timed 08:42.
rapun noticed its IRC server going away at 0418.
No idea what's up, but it's not just you.
Yup, it's still ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host -ing.
Hmm, now it's timing out instead. And not pinging.
Dammit it has eaten my scrollback
It's back now, and reporting an uptime of 21 minutes.