Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote in livechiark,
Eleanor Blair


15:36 < Emperor> chiark is being put back into its rack.
15:36 < steph> What was wrong with it?
15:36 < Emperor> LILO doom. IWJ has asked me to ping it and when it starts 
                 answering, to log in and see how doomed it looks before 
                 calling him back. So, err, don't all start your ssh clients 
                 just yet ;)
15:37 < Emperor> it'll take a while for them to re-rack it and for it to boot, 
Edit: yes, chiark is back up, and it is possible to log in. Ian apparently can't log into it from Redbus, but is on his way back to Cambridge. Of course it's still in mid-upgrade, so not all may be working. Use your own judgement as to whether to log back in or not.

Remember that for irc it's possible to use a local irc client with rapun as your irc server for chiark-irc instead - if your machine is not in ox or cam.ac.uk but you have a trusted fixed IP address ask Emp to add you to the ACL.

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